Sohanlal Baba



NAME : Bro. Raju
Age :45 yrs.
Sex :Male
Special:He is pyralizeed Person.
He is bro Raju . He is 45 years old man. He is a Pyralized person of his left hand no one is in his family from childhood he is alone. We have taken him in our Living Water Shelter Home from Indore City on 16th December 2014. He was living near that Hindu temple in indore city, the street begging and roaming here and there. One shopkeeper informed us about him, so our team visited there and met Bro, raju . we have informed about our Home he was ready to come,and now he is with us.
Develoment: Now he is doing well, staffs taking care him,Now he started walking by Himself, he is happy to have fellowship with us,in this way we can say that day byday he is getting well.
Needs: He needs more medical Check up,and excirsise.